I came to Brook of Cherith with lots of pain, I had experienced sleepless nights after trying quite a number of hospitals and I mean renowned hospitals without any promising help, my condition continued to deteriorate as I moved from one hospital to another and almost despaired. One afternoon as I was seated in my house crying due to the endless pain I was going through then my neighbor walked in and gave me a contact number of a doctor whom she said had handled diabetes cases before and his proficiency was unquestioned.

I took my phone and called Daktari, he gave me a Monday appointment. Since I lived in Meru I had to prepare for the promising journey to Nairobi where I was going to meet him at Brook of Cherith Medical and Nutritional Centre.

From the moment his team started handling and taking care of me, I felt the healing had already started, the hospitality was a top-notch that made me feel comfortable and at ease despite experiencing the pains, my wound was well dressed. I was really impressed with their services.

I had trouble walking so I was seeking the assistance of the nurses and my feeble walking stick. My leg had severe wounds that I was a step away from losing it through amputation, prior to that I had undergone a numerous of surgeries that made it even worse, not forgetting several misdiagnosis; to say the least, it had been seriously infected. The wounds were not healing and I became very worried.

Up and until I visited Brook of Cherith Medical and Nutritional Centre, there was no improvement but Dr. Wachira Maina and his team really helped me rescue my leg the, treatment I received was responding positively, I no longer walk with crutches. In fact, I have already resumed work and people keep asking me to introduce them the doctor who made it possible. I am happy that I referred a friend who is also diabetic to the blessed facility and he is shown great signs of improvement.

Brook of Cherith Medical Centre saved me the agony of losing my limb.